About Me

I'm a mother of two teenage boys and live in Lansdale, PA. Babies and new motherhood are my favorite things and I am very grateful for a career that keeps me close to both. After I experienced nipple trauma and pain after the birth of my first child, a lactation consultant visited me and provided the support and guidance I needed to continue breastfeeding without pain.

Inspired by the profound impact she had on my experience, I began pursuing a career as a lactation consultant when my children were in school. I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2014 after interning at Pennsylvania Hospital, Chester County Hospital and at a pediatric practice in Center City, Philadelphia.

When I'm not working with moms and babies, I'm enjoying the outdoors, hiking with my dogs, camping and gardening. I also love listening to live music and traveling.

Questions? Email me at rachel@rhlactation.com.